Expir! Mobile App

Project Info

Expir! is a mobile app created to help reduce food waste by tracking users food item expiration dates.


One of the hardest parts of trying to live a healthier lifestyle is managing and utilizing fresh ingredients. The idea of creating Expir! came from experiencing this personally and not wanting to throwaway produce because of lack of time and forgetfulness.


Expir! is an app dedicated to helping users manage their food inventory from purchasing to plating. From produce barcode scanning for easy item input to smart recipe suggestions, Expir! will help users say goodbye to slimy greens and hello to healthy eating!

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Identifying Trends

Post user interviews, I wanted to learn more about other existing products within the market. Surprisingly, Cozzo was the closest I got to finding a preexisting app designed for tracking household inventory. Other services I found were more so dedicated to suggesting recipes (Fridgly) and or tracking inventory on a more commercial level.

Next Steps

Post user testing, I discovered users really wanted to be able to see the multi scan feature.
  • Create wireframes of multi item entry using the receipt scan feature
  • Expir historical data so users can see what items they have been able to consume within the Expir date
  • Personal recipe input
  • Different notification types
Per user feedback, I added a multi item entry page as well as a personal recipe input screen.

Expir! users will receive a notification when an item is almost at its Expir! date. 

Users can create a new list with a scanned item or add the item to a pre existing list. 

Usability Testing

After creating a prototype, I assembled 3 users to test the first iteration of the design. These interviews took place in person as well as online. Each user was given 2 flows to follow, initial sign up and first item entry and consuming an item once the item selected has reached the Expir! date. I took the main points of feedback and placed them into an affinity map.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

With the core features identified for the first iteration, I created wireframes of the projected flow of the feature.

Finalized Wireframes with Core Elements and Features

Site Map

The main objective for creating Expir! was to create a way for users to track their perishables while offering ways for them to use the products before reaching their Expir! date. Before jumping into the initial wireframes, the flow of the feature needed to be addressed.

User Task Flows

After creating a site map to visualize the page layouts, I then took the different options users have and how they can access said options within Expir!

Meet Jaclyn

To consolidate the main points of contention, motivations, and needs of an Expir! user, a user persona was created to maintain a centric view of the user Expir! wants to target. Jaclyn recently found a new job that has been consuming (no pun intended) her time that she usually uses to cook. With a passion for community grown produce, this has caused some stress as she forgets to use her fresh ingredients.

User Journey Map

I was really taken aback by how sad people became when discussing throwing out their rotten tomatoes. Reflecting on my 1-on-1 interviews, I wanted to envision the users in a state of discovery when looking to find a solution to food waste. Mapping this out helped me identify what could be the toughest parts of adoption and plan accordingly.

What's Most Important?

To learn more about my target users, I conducted 1-on-1 interviews. Results included the following:


✳ Learn more about users grocery shopping habits and how they aline with trying new recipes, ingredients, etc

✳ Identify key features users are looking for when creating shopping lists, setting up reminders, and tools used for organization

✳ Create a seamless mobile flow that is not only easy to use but sustainable in the long term

Project Goals


✳ 1-1 Interviews

✳ Competitive Analysis

✳ User Journey Map

✳ Persona Development

✳ Site Map

✳ User Testing

The first flow guides the user through profile creation to adding their first item via the barcode scanner.