Apple Music Concert Locator

Project Info

Apple Music is a subscription based music streaming app that offers over 90 million songs with curated playlists and recommendations. Other features include offline listening, seamless Siri integration as well as live radio station listening.


Sifting through multiple apps to discover music events can be overwhelming and exceptionally frustrating, especially as we learn to live with COVID-19. From jumping on Bands in Town to Facebook then to Instagram and so on just to find out more about music events will always be an option, but does not always have to be the solution. Apple Music is one of the top music streaming platforms but lacks in listener engagement with artist activities. How can we create an aggregate between these platforms and Apple Music?


Create a way for Apple Music users to discover music events happening either within their community and beyond. The Concert Locator will allow users to be notified of when their favorite artists are playing in town and provide information on ticket vendors as well as supporting acts. User will also be able to change location to be able to locate other events beyond their local environments.


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Identifying Trends

Post user interviews, I dove into other competitor music streaming services to see where these apps are succeeding and where they are lacking. Spotify is currently the only music streaming app that provides curated concerts based off of user listening history. Unlike Bands in Town, a music event locating service, Spotify combines streaming alongside event recommendations. This was a crucial discovery as Spotify is one of Apple Musics' top competitors and must be considered throughout the design of Apple's Concert Locator.

Next Steps

Post testing, I discovered that users really wanted to see more options regarding privacy of the added feature.

  • Wireframing paths that allow users to select visability of concerts they are attending
  • Showing past concerts users have attended
  • A feature to help users be reminded of upcoming events within Apple Music
Per user feedback, I added ways for users to turn on and off concert sharing capabilities as well as a way for users to share past events they attended.

Curated music events will automatically populate based on user listening history.

By selecting profiles of your followers, the user is able to see what events people around them are going to.

Usability Testing

After creating a prototype, I assembled 3 users to test the first iteration of the design. These interviews took place in person as well as online. Each user was given 2 flows to follow, reaching the concert locator and changing location within the locator feature. I took the main points of feedback and placed them into an affinity map.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

With the core features identified for the first iteration, I created wireframes of the projected flow of the feature.

Finalized Wireframes with Core Elements and Features

Site Map

The main objective for creating the Concert Locator was to create a way for users to have their music streaming and music event planning all local to Apple Music. Before jumping into the initial wireframes, the flow of the feature needed to be addressed.

User Task Flows

Post creation of the site map, I then documented how users could access the locator within the apps current flow. The user flow map also includes how to access event pages and ticket purchasing.

Meet Sabrina

To consolidate the main points of contention, motivations, and needs of an Apple Music user, a user persona was created to maintain a centric view of the user Apple Music wants to target. Sabrina, an Apple Music subscriber and music lover, enjoys going to music events as a way to follow what is happening within her local music scene. Now that the world is beginning to open up again, Sabrina is excited to start going out again but feels overwhelmed by the amount of time she spends locating and planning events.

What's Most Important?

To learn more about Apple Music's users, I conducted 1-on-1 interviews and online surveys with first time users as well as long term users. 


✳ Get to know Apple Music on a more intimate level by engaging with active users

✳ Identify key features users are looking for when looking for events to attend

✳ Evaluate Apple's design language for a harmonious integration

Project Goals


✳ 1-1 Interviews

✳ Competitive Analysis Venn Diagrams

✳ Persona Development

✳ Feature Breakdown

✳ Mapping Flows

✳ User Testing

Users can change the location of events via the Curated Concert page.