Expir! Mobile App

Expir! is a mobile app created to help reduce food waste by tracking users food item expiration dates.


2021 - 2022

Project Origin

Conceptual project based in a passion for fresh produce

Project Type

Product / UI design / UX design


Product Designer

Project Overview

Designing an app that brings vibrancy back to your fridge

One of the hardest parts of trying to live a healthier lifestyle is managing and utilizing fresh ingredients. The idea of creating Expir! came from experiencing this personally and not wanting to throwaway produce because of lack of time and forgetfulness.


Create a way for simple produce input
and recipe suggestions that coexist with
inserted food items.

My Role/Responsibilities

UI/UX Designer
Research & Analysis
End to End Design

Research & Planning

Defining the landscape for food tracking

Kicking off the project began with interviewing people about
their relationship with using fresh ingredients as well as their feelings towards recognizing their produce was beyond usable.

✧ 68% said they throwaway some type of produce every other week

✧ 80% avoid buying fresh food because of the fear of not utilizing it in time

✧ 100% agreed that they found difficulty using ingredients last minute because of lack of knowledge around preparation

Competitive Analysis / User Journey Map / Persona

After my interviews, I asked what, if any, tools did they use to try and combat wasting produce. There was no definitive app that assisted with managing food that any user suggested. This lead me to deep dive into what exists on the market and, to my surprise, there were very few options. I compiled the apps I did find in a competitive analysis chart below based on features I was interested in creating for this project. This then lead to me breaking down the user experience into a journey map and persona

Platform Architecture - User Flow & Site Map

The main objective for creating Expir! was to create a way for users to track their perishables while offering ways for them to use the products before reaching their Expir! date. Before jumping into the initial wireframes, the flow of the feature needed to be addressed.


Establishing a fresh platform for saving your greens (no pun intended)

Design System Ethos


Purposeful use of color


Easy to use with a guided setup for users to learn how to track their items


Similar component layouts that repeat throughout the design

Mid Fidelity Wireframes - Main Action Page

Mid Fidelity Wireframes - Grocery List Main Page and Singular List View

    Mid Fidelity Wireframes - Item Page with Suggested Recipe List View/Saved Recipe Layout

    Final Mockups

    A bright design with modern flair

    From personalized alerts to recipe suggestions, Expir! empowers the user by getting their kitchen green... no slimy veggies in sight!

    User Login - First Item Scan and Date Selection
    Recipe Suggestion to Grocery List Creation
    Alert to Utilize Items - Tracking Consumed Items
    Final Wireframes
    Key Features
    • Scan barcodes of food items and have all information automatically populate into Expirs kitchen categories (and edit if you need to)
    • Recipe suggestions related to the items you have and list creation for items you need

    What's Next

    Mass Item Entry and Personal Recipe Entry

    After creating the initial design and receiving feedback, I designed an addition to Expir! that allows users to document items on a larger scale and add their own recipes.

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