Apple Music
Concert Locator

Apple Music is a subscription based music streaming app that offers over 90 million songs with curated playlists and recommendations. Other features include offline listening, seamless Siri integration as well as live radio station listening.



Project Origin

Conceptual Project inspired by my own want
for a solution

Project Type

Mobile App Design, UX/UI



Project Overview

Finding out when and where your favorite artists are performing native in Apple Music

Sifting through multiple apps to discover music events can be overwhelming and exceptionally frustrating, especially as we learn to live with COVID-19. From jumping on Bands in Town to Facebook then to Instagram just to find out more about music events will always be an option, but does not always have to be the solution. Apple Music is one of the top music streaming platforms but lacks in listener engagement with artist activities. How can we create an aggregate between these platforms and Apple Music?

This all began with my own desire for a concert locator that would also track smaller, DIY venues. Living in Nashville, I once worked at a DIY space and always had trouble with finding our events online besides just posting to our social media sites.


Design an event locator aggregate
to seamlessly discover events related
to your favorite artists

My Role/Responsibilities

Mobile Design

Research & Planning

Gaining insight on music streaming services and the users behind them

Initial research was conducted via a survey on music streaming apps and opinions on finding events related to their most streamed artists. This survey was sent to friends, coworkers, and people who work at small event spaces in Nashville, TN. People who have a passion for music. Some of the feedback included:

✧ 44% said Instagram was their main source for finding events in town, following Facebook events by 33%

✧ Half of users interviewed said they would be interested in knowing what shows their friends are going too

✧ 100% agreed that if a concert locator was built into Apple Music, they would want the ability to change location to other cities

Competitive Analysis

Post user interviews, I dove into other competitor music streaming services to see where these apps are succeeding and where they are lacking. Spotify is currently the only music streaming app that provides curated concerts based off of user listening history. Unlike Bands in Town, a music event locating service, Spotify combines streaming alongside event recommendations. This was a crucial discovery as Spotify is one of Apple Musics' top competitors and must be considered throughout the design of Apple's Concert Locator.


Sabrina, an Apple Music subscriber and music lover, enjoys going to music events as a way to follow what is happening within her local music scene. Now that the world is beginning to open up again, Sabrina is excited to start going out again but feels overwhelmed by the amount of time she spends locating and planning events.

Site Map / Task Flow

Mid Fidelity Wireframes


Fitting the concept into Apple's design system

Honing in on Apple's design system was a crucial step for finding ways to seamlessly incorporate the feature. By analyzing how Apple has announced their new features in the past, it all comes down to subtle changes. The user profiles and event pages all would have a similar style to already existing page layouts, but the locator was the most challenging. This lead to focusing in on Apple Maps and using its structure to create the locator design.

Initial Announcement / User Profiles

Curated Concert Page to Locator / Event Page

Final Design

Find out about events from your favorite artists all in one place

Say goodbye to hoping around from site to site. Now, users can discover music events happening wherever they are and share with their followers.

Final Design
Key Features
  • Location pin drop with suggested concerts within range
  • Event pages and events highlighted on artist page
  • User profiles include shows that the person is planning on attending
Updates from Intial Design
Users can now choose whether they want to share upcoming events or not

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