Emily Hollis is a multi-disciplinary maker and product designer from Atlanta, GA.

A Little More About Me

The heart of everything I do is steeped within my passion for visual communication. My goal is simple, create seamless and joyful user experiences powered by direct collaboration and open transparency.

Within my 5+ years of freelance experience within the arts, I discovered there are more similarities than differences when comparing artistic projects to product design. In fact, the methods I used for my clients have always had a hint of UX design, from discovery periods and project scoping to time management and material costs. My fascination with UX grew from these discoveries and lead me to want to continue my work within the digital space, one that can be quite scary without the proper guidance.

When I am not navigating the seas of product development, I enjoy going to see live music, eating local food, and working on personal projects. Currently, those projects involve candlemaking and collecting and reworking vintage clothes.

When designing any product, the smallest of details can have the largest impact. Let’s sift through the sands and find gold, together!

More about me


DesignLab UX Academy
(April 2021 - March 2022)

Belmont University B.F.A
(September 2016 - May 2020)

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Solution seeking for Supply Chain software built in Salesforce. See the product here

Learning more about...

✳ Agile design
✳ Hosting sprints / prep
✳ Service design

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